Ritsy's Lucky String  

  1. Obtain the other four parts of the mighty bow to go with Ritsy's lucky string
    • Obtain 2 mechanical servos
      • You need to find a key in the water in the beginning of Spirit's Resonance. It is at the bottom on the side closest to the exit, and very hard to see.
      • Use the key by clicking two golems in the room to make them attackable. They drop one servo each.
    • Obtain a golden bow shaft
      • Dropped from the named gorgon bull handler at the bottom of the Underfoot portion of The Hole.
    • Obtain some sort of binding
      • Look for a green shiny on ground in Observatory area in The Hole.
    • Obtain a finely crafted bow grip
      • Buy from the Kerra Isle faction merchant for 30g ( 1367, 47, 2155 )
  2. Go click the anvil at -26, 121, -239 in The Hole. It is next to the daily faction quest giver.
  3. Speak to Kardaxian in The Outer Vault. You need to speak Serilian.
  4. Kill the last mob in Spirit's Resonance.
  5. Kill the last mob in The Outer Vault .
  6. Return to Kardaxian in The Outer Vault and he will make the bow. You'll need to re-hail him after a minute to receive it.

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