The Hole  

Level82 - 90
ExpansionSentinel's Fate

  • Level: 82-90
  • Contested

Sprawling dungeon with 3 wings of difficulty, most content tailored for 2-4 players.

  • Old Paineel
  • Dartain's Fortress
  • Tower of Serilis

Access: Reached by Teleporter or Feather Fall. Access to this specific teleporter location is gained via quest, Just a Jump to the Left.

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The Hole (Contested)

The door to the South leads to the contested zone. This zone is approximately twice the size of Sanctum of the Scaleborn.

Use any evac spell and you are taken to the Old Gruengach Camp in the center of the zone where you will find three helpful NPCs who speak Words of Shade.

  • Petraeus offers information on the lore of the three warring factions of the Hole (Defenders of the Seal, Caertaxian Legion, and Guardians of the Underfoot.)
  • Gemon offers information on the locations of specific quest items you will need for faction questing.
  • Lamis offers you a suit that prevents faction loss for five platinum. This suit is important to furthering your faction with all factions at the same time rather then needing to focus on one. It adjusts your faction standing to -50,000 with Defenders of the Seal, Caertaxian Legion, and Guardians of the Underfoot. This prevents further loss of faction standing with the quest NPCs while remaining aggro to all quest mobs, and not taking a faction loss when you kill them.

The Hole Instances

The East door is the entrance to the three instanced single group versions of The Hole. Each has unique AA, quests, and encounters different from the contested version (South door). Hafiz offers the Mark of Manaar quests for the single group instances.

The Hole Raid?

The West door, presumably, leads to a Raid zone.

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