Investigating Strange Bones  

CategoryThe Sundered Frontier
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a shard of strange bone
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Forgotten Hoop of Power
Forgotten Hoop of Striking
Forgotten Hoop of Strength
Forgotten Hoop of Wealth
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Prerequisite: You must complete the quests on Kerra Isle up to Need More Proof and the quests in Stonebrunt Encampment up to An Interesting Find to receive this quest.

  1. For this quest, you need to kill "meat eating" mobs for small a shard of strange bone updates which drop in small chests - see the a shard of strange bone page for drop rates. If you are in a group, the small chest will contain one shard for each of you. Note that you do not need one of each bone, or any particular combination of bone typesl you could camp one area and loot bones from the same mobs over and over again if you wanted.
  2. Once you have all 10 updates, return to Captain Ghalib Elbaz. He will send you out to Kejaan's Rill, so ask the temporal guide to send you back to Stonebrunt Encampment.
  3. Head to 565, 196, 4000 and hail Jin'tu. He will offer you another quest, Proving Intentions. Accepting it gives you your update.
  4. Return to Captain Ghalib Elbaz to complete the quest.

An Interesting Find The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The City of Paineel
Proving Intentions
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