Outfitting the Kerra: The Best Defense  

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wide-fletched bodkin arrow
woven reed quiver
traditional kerra dagger sheath
Kerra Traditional Outfitting
Faction Changes:

Chinook asks you to craft some items for the kerra. She gives you a recipe book, Kerra Traditional Outfitting but you must harvest or buy the ingredients yourself.

  • Recipe level 80 artisan
  • Requires common T9 harvestables

  1. Craft some wide-fletched bodkin arrows (5) - on the woodworking table (Woodcraft 80), uses 1 titanium ore, 2 bamboo shoots, 2 sumac lumber and 1 ethereal sandpaper each
  2. Craft some woven reed quivers (5) - on the loom (Binding 80), uses 3 mottled pelts, 2 titanium ore, 1 ethereal filament each
  3. Craft some traditional kerra dagger sheaths (5) - on the loom (Binding 80), uses 3 quicksilver clusters, 2 sumac lumber, 1 ethereal coal each (yes it does say use coal on the loom...)
  4. Return to Chinook for your reward.

Shopping List

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