Orders From Above  

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magnifying lens
log book
lens polishing cloth
Observatory Supply Manifest, page 3
Faction Changes:

subquest of Insider Trading

Adeela asks for your assistance in creating some items for a shipment. She hands you the level 80 artisan recipe, Observatory Supply Manifest, page 3.

  • Craft four lens polishing cloths. Each recipe will use 3 bamboo shoots, 2 sumac lumber, and 1 ethereal filament at a Sewing Mannequin and Table.
  • Craft four log books. Each recipe will use 1 mottled pelt, 2 bamboo shoot, 2 sumac lumber and 1 ethereal incense at an Engraved Desk.
  • Craft two magnifying lenses. Each recipe will use 3 amber, 2 quicksilver clusters, and 1 ethereal coal at a Work Bench.
Note: Once again, these are auto-updates and do not put anything in your inventory.

Shopping List

Return to Adeela when you are done.

Seeking Answers Sentinel's Fate Tradeskill Quests
Quest Series
Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 4
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