Hua Mein Craft: Confusion and Misdirection  

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old erudite weapon
Jin'tu's Leaf
Jin'tu's Gift
Faction Changes:

  1. Go to The Ruins of Old Paineel and harvest an old erudite weapon at 1724.59, -109.11, 3464.05 . While you are here, be sure to click the teleporter to obtain the quest Ruined Teleporter for some easy additional experience.
  2. Go to The City of Paineel and click on the Unidentified Weapon from Keejan's Rill: For Study on a table in the Hall of Wizardry at 1999.98, -298.99, 3362.15 .
  3. Speak to Safa in the Hall of the Fell Blade at 1888.07, -298.99, 3424.98
  4. Return to the Hua Mein spirit

an old erudite weapon
an old erudite weapon
Unidentified Weapon from Kejaan's Rill: For Study
Unidentified Weapon from Kejaan's Rill: For Study
You are now able to use the charm, Jin'tu's Gift, to travel to The Hua Mein Village

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