In Plain Sight  

This quest is a prelude to the release of Destiny of Velious. It is currently on the Test server.

Speak to either Al'Kabor or Dartain (the Duality) in the Paineel Council Chamber ( 1878,-295,3478 ) in The Sundered Frontier to begin this quest.

I found another strange symbol while researching Lord Everling's findings. It seemed to be written by the shissar, but was something that Al'Kabor had seen only once before during his research. He believes we might be able to find out more by seeking out the notes taken by Mayong Mistmoore himself.

Mayong's Logbook
Mayong's Logbook
Deepwater Knight Writings
Deepwater Knight Writings
  1. Find the Research Hall of Mayong Mistmoore and search for Mayong's notes.
    • This is in Somborn Cemetery in Loping Plains at -377,17,56 . Open the door, go down the stairs and there will be five portals. The portal in the center is the one that you want to take. ( -344,0.87,-1 )
    • The research hall uses the map for Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum. It is filled with level scaled vampire swordguards, vampire sentrymages and vampire runekeepers.
  2. Take the stairs up and go through the large door to the south. Head down the hallways and enter the second door on the right side of the hall. A small table near the southeast corner will have the book sitting near its edge; click it to receive the Mistmoore Researcher's Logbook. ( 98,6,112 )
  3. Return to the Duality.
  4. Search for the writings of the Deepwater Knights in Paineel's library.
    • This is a book on a table inside the Hall of Wizardry at 2001,-299,3351 . Click it to receive Writings of the Deepwater Knights.
  5. Return to the Duality.

The Beginning of the End? Destiny of Velious Prelude
Quest Series
Of Things to Come
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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that were involved in the Destiny of Velious Prelude, which started with GU58 is expected to run until the expansion launches.


Below are the full dialogues for this quest. Do not read it if you are avoiding spoilers!

The Mysterious Sigil

Dartain says to you, "Very well, I hope you were able to find what we were looking for."
You say to Dartain, "I believe I have. I found a tome here that seems to describe the first rune as the Rune of Oblivion. It appeared to have something to do with the Void, and as I read, it occurred to me that it might actually represent Anashti Sul herself."
Dartain says to you, "Really? And what brought you to that conclusion?"
You say to Dartain, "It seemed that based on our research so far, each of the runes might actually represent a being. Given that she once held close ties with Rohen Theer, and the fact that she just returned from the Void recently, I believe that this rune might indicate that she is somehow tied to the prophecy."
Dartain says to you, "Very astute. Your logic is sound, and could very well be exactly as you say. I will continue work on this rune based on your findings. What else did you discover?"
You say to Dartain, "It seems that the second one is known as the Rune of Sundering. This one is a little more difficult to figure out who might be tied to it. It seems to point to an event rather than a being - the Shattering. Perhaps it's representative of whoever is responsible for the destruction of Luclin?"
Dartain says to you, "Perhaps, but I think this might actually be a good clue to the nature of the rings of the prophecy. Hmm... if you don't mind, I'd like to see that tome. It will take me a little time to go through this and figure out what significance the runes carry, and how they might pertain to one another and ultimately, to the prophecy itself."
You say to Dartain, "There was one more thing. Lord Everling had notes on another shape - one that he seemed to think might be quite significant, but that he had little information on. I am not sure what to make of it... perhaps it's worth looking into?"
Dartain says to you, "Let me see that. Ah, this is Shissar writing. Hmm, yes, I think I've seen something like this before."
You say to Dartain, "Is that so? Where?"
Dartain says to you, "When I was researching Mayong Mistmoore's discoveries, there were a few sigils like this one that he had notes on, and was attempting to find if there was a particular significance to. Some of these were clearly just bits of the written language of the Shissar, but others were slightly different, more ornate, seemingly more important."
You say to Dartain, "Did you research them?"
Dartain says to you, "Only far enough to discern that I couldn't learn more about it. There didn't seem to be anything to cross-reference with these, unlike the other sigils, which had many appearances in history. Whatever they are, they seemed to mean something only to the Shissar themselves."
You say to Dartain, "Are they worth looking into, then?"
Dartain says to you, "Hmm... I believe so, yes. As long as I'm attempting to look into the information you've provided me thus far, it might be worth seeing if there's something here to be discovered."
You say to Dartain, "Very well, I am ready. Where should we start?"
Dartain says to you, "I think that the one who might have the most information on these sigils would be the one who discovered them in the first place - Mayong Mistmoore himself. He has had more time to be looking for the meaning to these symbols, and might have information that we can use. It's with him that you should begin."
You say to Al'Kabor, "The idea of rummaging through a vampire's belongings isn't terribly appealing, but I'll see what I can find."

Monoliths of Theer

You say, "Hail, Dartain"
Dartain says to you, "Shh... one moment. Let me finish this passage."
You say to Dartain, "My apologies."
Dartain says to you, "... and finished. Welcome back. What did you find out for us?"
You say to Dartain, "Quite a bit, actually. It seems that these sigils might be representative of something he calls the "monoliths of Theer". According to his notes, these are important to the calendar of the Shissar."
Dartain says to you, "The calendar... hmm."
You say to Dartain, "There's more. It seems that the calendar was intended to be a part of the stone. It appears that Mayong has unearthed the calendar, and is attempting to find the sigils that fit on its face. He seems to have found a few, and is still in search of them."
Dartain says to you, "I have a theory. I want to see if we can test that theory. I have one more thing for you to do, if you would."
You say to Dartain, "Certainly. What do you need?"
Dartain says to you, "This symbol, the one with the three lines on it, I have an idea as to what it might be. I'd like you to check and see if you can confirm my theory. I'll need you to go to the library in Paineel. Search for any tomes relating to the Deepwater Knights, and search through the texts. I have a feeling you'll find what we're looking for there."
You say to Dartain, "Umm... that's it? Is there anything else I should know?"
Dartain says to you, "Not for now. I don't want to color your perception with my theory. Return when you find anything."
You say to Dartain, "Very well. I'll return when I can."

The Deepwater Writings

You say, "Hail, Al'Kabor"
Al'Kabor says to you, "I've been anticipating your return. Did you find any texts of the Deepwater Knights?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "I did. I searched through the library of Paineel, and I believe I found what we were looking for."
Al'Kabor says to you, "What were you able to discover?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "Well, I did not find any references to someone working on this rune in particular - it seems like its discovery was rather new. But it seems that a similar shape appears in a few select pieces of text for the Deepwater Knights."

You gain Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain experience!

It seems that the sigil I found might be part of the Shissar calender, although the Duality is going to continue to research it. Interestingly, though, we came across a rune that seems to represent the Velious itself. Might there be a way to return to that lost land?


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