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Zone:The Sundered Frontier
Purpose:Hua Mein Merchant

Ra'di is the Hua Mein Faction Merchant.
When you reach 10,000 faction with Hua Mein Craftsmen you can purchase advanced carpenter and woodworker recipe scrolls for levels 81 to 89 from him.
When you reach 40,000 faction you can buy tomes from him with special recipes in. All of the recipe scrolls and books are NO-TRADE.
He also sells Hua Mein weapons, accessories and furniture with Hua Mein OR Hua Mein Craftsmen (whichever is better), which are all HEIRLOOM except the weapons which are NO-TRADE ORNATE.

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Items for Sale

10,000 Faction

30,000 Faction

40,000 Faction

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