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Far Seas Trading Company Token
Faction Changes:

Felice now wants you to find out what the various factions would be interested in trading.

You must return to Paineel and your journal will then update for each faction you must visit. These must be done in order.

  1. Find out what the Bastions of the Tranquil may need - talk to Aaliya in the Hall of Wizardry. ( 1993.80,-298.99,3357.39 )
  2. Find out what the Knights of the Fell Blade may need - talk to Safa in the Hall of the Fell Blade. ( 1886.53,-298.99,3424.33 )
  3. Find out what the Craftkeepers may need - talk to Adeela within the Mercantile Court. ( 1730.32,-282.62,3468.01 )
  4. Find out what the Seekers of the Dark Truth may need - talk to Sumit in the Hall of Necromancy. ( 1645.66,-267.06,3217.60 )

When you have all the information you can return to Felice for your reward and the next quest By Land, Air, or Teleporter.

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By Land, Air, or Teleporter
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