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Arena Master's Token

This is a subquest of The Never Ending Mending of a Broken Land and can be initiated every 15 hours.

Speak to Shi'jan Sensou at -413, 279, 3213 within the Hua Mein caves in the Sundered Frontier to begin this quest.

  1. Answer yes to Shi'jan Sensou's question to be ported into Trial Of Hua Mei. Don't talk to him once inside until you've defeated the champion.
  2. Talk to The Hua Mein Champion to start the fight. Note: Pets can cause problems with this fight. Make sure you are inside the ring and you get the kill, not your pet.
  3. When finished, talk to Shi'jan Sensou to get out of the arena, then hail him again to complete the quest.

Into the Arena The Sundered Frontier
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