Outfitting the Kerra: A Strange Spirit  

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Kerra Spirit Totem
Focus of the Spirits
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Chinook tells you of a mystic who has a puzzling problem. She gives you a recipe, Focus of the Spirits and tells you to go speak to Natasha in Martah's Loft.

Natasha tells you to create a Kerra Spirit Totem so you can speak to the spirits yourself. This is created with the recipe given to you by Chinook, Focus of the Spirits on a Woodworking Table using Woodcraft.

Take the totem to Natasha and she will place it next to her. Click on it and a ghostly Hua Mein will spawn. That completes this quest. Talk to the spirit to start the next quest.

Placed Spirit Totem
Placed Spirit Totem

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This ends the series from Chinook, but you can return to the village and speak to Harriet for the daily crafting missions.

The Kerra Spirit Totem you craft during this quest is not auto-consumed, and is a house item. The recipe also stays in your book, enabling you to craft the spirit totems later on, too!

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