Of Things to Come  

This quest is a prelude to the release of Destiny of Velious. It is currently on the Test server.

Speak to either Al'Kabor or Dartain (the Duality) in the Paineel Council Chamber ( 1878,-295,3478 ) in The Sundered Frontier to begin this quest.

It seems that an integral part of the shissar prophecy points to the lost continent of Velious. The Duality believes that we will need to rediscover the lost continent if we are to have any chance of averting Age's End. I am to go to the frozen city of New Halas and see if I might be able to find any information on Velious there.

New Halas Tome
New Halas Tome
Ulthork Tusk
Ulthork Tusk
Pure Snow
Pure Snow
  1. Speak with the Historian in Frostfang Sea
    • This is Filnn Shatterhand in front of Glacierbane's Vault inside the city of New Halas. ( -114,147,-68 )
  2. Search for the tome in Glacierbane's Vault in New Halas
    • The tome an open book on the ground at -112,149,-87 . Click it and read through all the pages for your update.
  3. Find the parts for the summoning horn.
    • Ulthork Tusk - Found at the bottom of the path with the rock rollers out of New Halas at -41,26,-323 . It looks like a pile of bones.
    • Brass Forged Ring on a Ry'Gorr Orc - This is an uncommon auto-update from any Ry'Gorr orc in Frostfang Sea. The fastest spawning ones are the Ry'Gorr Centurions at Pilgrims' Landing ( -315,24,-642 )
    • Pure Powdered Snow (6 total) - These look like purple shinies on the snow in Frostfang Sea. Many can be found between Gwenevyn's Cove and The Great Shelf. Reported locations:
      • 91,30,-366
      • 261,27,-311
      • 332,30,-402
      • 367,37,-473
      • 476,40,-365
      • 530,46,-397
  4. Return to Paineel and speak with the Duality
  5. Go to the docks in The Sinking Sands and blow the summoning horn.
    • This is near the pointed ends of the dock. It worked for us around -1597,-230,-385 . Your screen will go black and jump to an IGC, it is a short one, but you should be able to ESC out of it if you want to.
  6. Speak with Stissa in The Sinking Sands
    • Stissa can be found on the beach at the end of the dock at -1469,-225,-429 .
  7. Return to the Duality in Paineel


In Plain Sight Destiny of Velious Prelude
Quest Series
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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that were involved in the Destiny of Velious Prelude, which started with GU58 is expected to run until the expansion launches.


Below are the full dialogues for this quest. Do not read it if you are avoiding spoilers!

The Chelsith Stone Rings

Al'Kabor says to you, "Indeed. What else did you find?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "It seemed like it was a symbol that was associated with Prexus, coming up frequently in texts relating to a "Chosen" being from of all places... Velious. I was wondering if maybe it was someone from Velious, but since that continent is lost, there's no way to be certain."
Al'Kabor says to you, "That's because I don't believe that it was someone from Velious, but Velious itself."
You say to Al'Kabor, "I'm... I'm sorry, what do you mean?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "I think we might have been looking at this the wrong way. These aren't all representative of beings, but are representative of many different things. While some are certainly beings, others appear to be events or objects."
You say to Al'Kabor, "Like what?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "For example, I believe the Rune of Oblivion is less about Anashti Sul herself, and more about her return to Norrath. She became a herald, proving that return from Nothingness was possible. The Rune of Sundering represents the destruction of Luclin, and I believe that the Rune of Severing is the phasing of Odus into Ultera."
You say to Al'Kabor, "I see. Is there a connection?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "Indeed! You see, these things fall on specific points of the prophecy. Certain things, like the Rune of Bayle and the Rune of Velious, fall on the inside ring. Others, such are the Rune of Sundering and Rune of Oblivion, fall on the second ring. This is no accident."
You say to Al'Kabor, "What is your theory, then?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "Look at the sigils and what they represent. Look at how they are placed. What do you see?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "Well, if what you're saying is correct, then the inner symbols seem to represent beings and places. Similarly, the outer ring would appear to be events - things that have happened in Norrath's past represented on the Chelsith Stone."
Al'Kabor says to you, "My theory is this. The sigils in the outer ring are a specific series of events. These events are somehow connected, either with each other or with a larger event that they all play a part in. As these events come to pass, we grow ever closer to the culmination of Age's End."
You say to Al'Kabor, "What is the inner ring?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "I believe they are instructions."
You say to Al'Kabor, "Instructions? For what?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "Preventing the coming of Age's End. I believe that in order to turn back the oblivion we seem to be destined for, we must pull together the pieces to counter that who is represented within the center of the prophecy."
You say to Al'Kabor, "What is it that we must do, then?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "I don't know the answer to that just yet, but I do know that according to the last rune you found, the one of the keys to all of this is tied to Velious, and thus, we must find a way to get there."
You say to Dartain, "Hmm... I think there might be a place to start. The island of New Halas was discovered with the dwarven people known to once call Velious home: the coldain dwarves. It's possible that they might have some idea where Velious is, or how to find it."
Dartain says to you, "Excellent thinking, adventurer. You will need to travel there, and see if you can find any information regarding the location of the lost continent, and how we might rediscover it."
You say to Dartain, "Very well. Let me see what I can do. Farewell."

Seeking the Historian

You say, "Hail, Filnn Shatterhand"
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Well, what do we have here? Another pilgrim coming to visit the city of Marr, perhaps? What is it I can do for you?"
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "Actually, I am here to find out more about the continent of Velious, and I am hoping maybe you can provide some information. Specifically, what has become of it, and how we might get there."
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Heh heh, well, as much of a surprise as this might be to you, but none of us have been to Velious in quite some time. And believe me, there are some here who would love to return to our ancestral homeland if they could."
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "Hmm... so is there no way to return there? Is Velious lost?"
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Well, it was there when we left it, if that's what you mean. But then, the reason we're here is because shards of the moon were raining down on us, which broke off the shelf our fortress was built on. We can't be certain what became of the continent after that, since we were no longer a part of it."
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "Very well, then. Well, what about this sigil? Is it something you recognize?"
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Let me have a look at that. Hmm... no, I can't say that it is. It looks like a claw mark from some creature... Oh... you know, hold it there."
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "What? Did you think of something?"
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Actually, there is a tome in our library that has that sigil on it's cover page."
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "What is the tome?"
Filnn Shatterhand says to you, "Primarily, it is a book about sea creatures - giant creatures that seem to be creations of Prexus himself. Apparently there were behemoths that existed in the oceans around Velious, and this book contains what information we had on them."
You say to Filnn Shatterhand, "I see... okay, well, I'll see what I can find in it, then. Maybe it has information I can use. Thanks for your time. Farewell."

Prexus' Chosen One

You find a tome that seems to describe creatures of incredible size seen around the shores of Velious. It speculates on their existence, saying that they seem to possess a power beyond creatures of their kind. This book appears to confirm what you found in the Deepwater Knight tome, but doesn't expressly state Prexus's name.
The following page does, however, bear the same symbol as the Deepwater Knight tome. It also seems to speak of Prexus, saying that other races on Velious worshiped the Ocean Lord. They also, evidently, had a method for summoning these immense beasts. It details assembling a horn, and gives information on the necessary parts.

You say, "Hail, Al'Kabor"
Al'Kabor says to you, "Welcome back, adventurer. Did you visit the city of New Halas?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "I did, and I believe I found some information we can use."
Al'Kabor says to you, "Excellent. What were you able to find out?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "I found a tome bearing the sigil you asked me to investigate, detailing creatures that were 'chosen' creatures of Prexus. These were massive creatures that were at the behest of Prexus, and could be tapped to do his bidding."
Al'Kabor says to you, "Interesting. What more did you find?"
You say to Al'Kabor, "I was able to find instructions for creating a summoning horn for calling on one of these chosen creatures. I collected the pieces, and have assembled the horn."
Al'Kabor says to you, "Very well, then. I don't believe that the placement of the sigil is happenstance. You did the right thing by assembling the horn."
You say to Al'Kabor, "We're going to attempt to summon the creature, then?"
Al'Kabor says to you, "We are. I cannot be sure what will happen, but if for nothing else than to solve my own curiosity and to test my theory, let us see if the horn will do as it is intended to do."
You say to Al'Kabor, "All right... how do we know the creature won't simply attack us? We don't know what is going to answer the call."
Al'Kabor says to you, "Correct. We do not."
You say to Al'Kabor, "This seems like a strange way to test a theory, to be honest. I should hope that you will come to my aid before I get devoured, should this thing turn malicious."
Al'Kabor says to you, "Of course. Now, head to the docks of Sinking Sands, and blow the horn. Let's see what answers."
You receive a summoning horn.
You say to Al'Kabor, "Very well then."

The Call of the Ocean Lord

You say, "Hail, Stissa"
Stissa says to you, "Greetings, friend. I am pleased that you sounded the beacon for us so that we might finally complete our long journey. Finally, the mighty Lodizal can rest."
You say to Stissa, "Lodizal? Is that who this creature is?"
Stissa says to you, "It is. Lodizal was chosen by Prexus following the Age of Turmoil and infused with a piece of his power. He was to wait until such a time when he was called on by Prexus again, and thus, has waited in the waters of Iceclad for the call of the Ocean Lord ever since."
You say to Stissa, "Who are you?"
Stissa says to you, "We are the othmir. Our Speaker, Nipik, was the one to receive the visions of Lodizal, to guide us to where he slept. It was our duty to watch over him, to ensure he is fed and protected, under the direction of the Speaker - the one who interprets the will of Lodizal himself."
You say to Stissa, "How did you get here?"
Stissa says to you, "Lodzial has slept for as long as we can remember. When he awoke, it was up to us to help guide him, although we knew not where to go. Your clarion call beckoned him to his destination."
You say to Stissa, "Here? What is he here for, then?"
Stissa says to you, "He is here for the destined ones. He is here to bring them to his home, to help them find their way to Velious."
You say to Stissa, "Wait, he knows the way to Velious? He can take us there?"
Stissa says to you, "He can, and he will. He merely needs time now to rest. Once he is able, we will take the destined ones to the shores of his home."
You say to Stissa, "Is there anything I can do to help him?"
Stissa says to you, "No. For now, leave him to rest. Soon though, he will be ready, and will begin the long journey home."
You say to Stissa, "Very well. Then I wish him a swift recovery. Farewell to you."


You say, "Hail, Dartain"
Dartain says to you, "Welcome back. Tell me what happened."
You say to Dartain, "I sounded the horn, as you suggested."
Dartain says to you, "So, the horn worked, did it?"
You say to Dartain, "It did. It acted as a guide to Lodizal, a creature that evidently was blessed by none other than Prexus himself. It appears to be his duty to help the "destined ones" reach the shores of Velious."
Dartain says to you, "Interesting. It seems that perhaps even the gods themselves are involved in this endeavor as well. I believe that we are on the right path, then, and the appearance of Lodizal is evidence of that. This is excellent."
You say to Dartain, "What do we do now?"

You gain Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain experience!

Dartain says to you, "For now, I will continue to work on my studies here. I might need to call on you again for more assistance, as you have preformed admirably in every task I asked of you. For now, please go about your usual business. Im sure we will speak again."
You say to Dartain, "Very well. Farewell to you for now."

You receive a Lodizal plushie.
You have been granted a new suffix title: the Runeseeker

To my surprise, I summoned a creature known as Lodizal, and spoke with a member of a race of ottermen known as the othmir. I was told that Lodizal knew the way to Velious and had come to Sinking Sands to transport the "Destined Ones" there. With the massive creature's help, it looks like we will be able to make our way there when he is ready.


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