Level42 - 50

This zone is accessible from a ship's bell on the Nektulos Forest docks.

Game Update #55
February 16,2010
From the GU 55 patch notes: Lava spirit mounts in Lavastorm can now transport you from Najena's Valley directly to the Dragon's Breath Tunnel station.

The way to the north side of the zone is through the Temple of Solusek Ro. Find the door at deep in the Temple at -241, -43, -676 . (That loc will give you a trail almost as soon as you enter the Temple).

Solusek's Eye is a dungeon located deep in Lavastorm. It can be entered at -327.21, 84.84, -149.61 .

Najena's Dungeon -94.55, -129.10, 379.93 contains the entrances to 3 instances:

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This is an old-world zone and so does not have resource nodes that are dedicated to one type of resource. That said, there are some areas that seem to have more resource nodes in thicker abundance. Three of the best of these are the Lava Field, The Wounds, and Hydra Pass.

Game Update 51

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009
GU51 brought a revamp to Lavastorm, including re-tiered mobs, reduction from Heroic to Solo for most mobs, new factions, new quests, and new instances. See the Lavastorm Quest Series for new quests.


With GU51 it will be easier to get around Lavastorm.

Mount Stations

A harnessed lava spirit can take you from any station in each circuit to any other station within the same circuit.

Southern Circuit:

Northern Circuit:


Teleportation disks at the following locations must be stepped on first to unlock.

NOTE: Discovering (unlocking) each of the 4 teleporter disks will award XP just like any other disco!

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