Epic Repercussions  

2013 Changes

If you have not finished your epic you may now speak to Kinloch Skry'mir at -36, 24, 215 in Tenebrous Tangle and receive the Shattered Weapon. At this point you will not be offered the quest! Take it to Lavastorm and speak to Researcher Sel'Quar in the Shrine of Thunder ( -151, -117, 633 ) , where you will be offered Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot and then directed to beginning this quest.


    1. You must have completed Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot.
    2. You must be able to speak Draconic by completing To Speak As A Dragon
    3. You must currently have your class' Fabled or Mythical epic weapon.
    4. You can start the quest at level 80, but you need to be at least level 85 to zone into Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella

Begin Quest

  1. Head to Paineel and Speak with Sa'ib Waseem at 1997, -298, 3340
  2. Head out to Quel'ule.
    • To get there, just take the wizard spire to the highlands Wizard spire which is in Quel`ule. or take the long way and head to the Launch Pad and take the Temporal Guide to Toxxulia Forest. When you get there, hail the Temporal pathfinder and go to Stonebrunt Highlands. Once in the zone, speak with the Temporal Pathfinder and select Moonfield Hamlet, then take the Temporal Guide at 25, 380, 1283 and select Quel'ule.
  3. After arriving at Quel'ule, run to -438, 379, 654 and speak with Lama Mukhlisah.
  4. Now you need to collect items. They can be found in the following locations.
    1. Slitherstrike Mambas: Some around 170, 368, 1010 . This is a rare update.
    2. Stonebrunt Scintillas: Loads around 170, 368, 1010
    3. Aglthin pondweed: At Aglithin Pond, -60, 369, 929 . It's in the water.
  5. Once done, use the temporal guide at 25, 380, 1283 (this is the Moonfield Hamlet guide) and head to the Mausoleum of Scholars. From there, head to 551, 232, -96 and hail Lama Mukhlisah. You cannot enter the Mausoleum, she is around back. After the scholar has spoken, hail her once more.
  6. Now you need to head into the Library of Erudin. Take the temporal guide from the Mausoleum to the Marred Plateau, and click on the column -554, 530, -137 beside the temporal pathfinder to enter the Library of Erudin.
  7. The update is a clicky book at -261, -1, 13 . This is at the top of the bookcase stairs. The book has been reported to move, so it may be on any of the tables at the top of those stairs.
  8. Use the temporal guide to head back to Quel'ule and speak with Lama Mukhlisah at -438, 379, 654 .
  9. Now you have to collect four different components. These are found as follows:
    1. Mercury is in The Hole at -71, -80, -1034 . You need to kill 8 flowing mercury for uncommon updates. They are down below the elevator.
    2. Head to the Erudin Research Halls (get there by taking the temporal guide to Quel'ule, then the Marred Plateau and then the temporal pathfinder to the Erudin Research Halls) and kill V'lad Olkeen for your update.
    3. The Mindflow Crystal is in Demitrik's Bastion. Clicky update at -211, -37, 138 . You need to kill the first named to activate the ladder and teleporter. The Entrance to Demitrik's Bastion is located in The Sundered Frontier in The City of Paineel When you are in The City of Paineel the co-ordinates are 1850.64, -371.68, 3450.42
    4. Defeat Queen Gwarthlea in Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella. If you have already killed Queen Gwarthlea in the past, you can skip this step and use a cleared instance instead. After Queen Gwarthlea is dead hail Delahnus the Dauntless for the dragon blood. She will be standing where the Queen was when the fight started.
  10. Now you have all of those, return to Lama Mukhlisah in Quel'ule at -438, 379, 654 .
  11. She has decided that she will no longer help you. Go and see Sa'ib Waseem in Paineel at 1996, -298, 3341 .
  12. He will ask you to head to Toxxulia's Reach. Go to the launch pad and take the temporal guide to Toxxulia Forest.
  13. Once there, head to Sa'ib Waseem at 618, 112, 2974 and hail Sa'ib Waseem. This will complete the quest.

Once you finish Epic Repercussions, you gain access to the epic weapon rewards off a vendor in the event that you betray. The vendor is Jawharah Izzah at 806, 6, -94 , on the docks in Nektulos Forest.

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