Erudin Research Halls  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


Level 90

The Erudin Research Halls are the second of the Erudin dungeon series. It's designed for levels 88+ and will give you a look into the Erudite experiments in teleportation. Unfortunately for them, their research has gained the interest of a powerful enemy that adventurers will need to battle.

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There is no connection from Landing in Stonebrunt from taking the Toxxulia Pad Launch Pad, so go to Moonfield Hamlet, 61.66, 377.24, 1,257.92 . Select Quel'ule, then select the Marred Plateau. Talk to the Temporal Pathfinder and select your zone. The quest hub for these heroic instances is located at the Deepwater Pavilion. Rafiqa offers the Mark of Manaar quests.


This is the medium difficulty Erudin zone.

When you arrive in zone, you can see the final boss, Taranis Gazerra, but he is protected by a shield so you can"t kill him yet. Instead, you must disable the four plugs.

The Beam Handlers: All the beam handlers have exactly the same Strategy. They are mostly a burn, but every so often, they emote {Beam Handler Name} is casting a powerful spell. He will mem wipe and randomly target some people. Everyone must then run to a far corner of the room, or out the door and round the corner, or an uncurable curse will kill you. It is also best to send in some dumb fire pets at it so you know when the curse has been fired and it is safe to return. At 30% the mob becomes immune to damage, and the plug nearby will become clickable. Click it and it will slide out and start to send electricity between the wall it came from and its self. Pull the mob into the electricity, and the electricity will start to damage him. It will also damage the tank, so the healer needs to go into overdrive. If the tank dies, have some one else grab him and run into the electricity. It only take a few seconds for the electricity to kill him though.

The Gazer Access Grid is a moveable puzzle. The beams will hit for 300K-500K of damage, so surviving a sprint across the room is unlikely. There are eight mirrors and eight glowing boxes, and to safely traverse the room, you'll need to place all eight mirrors, one in each of the boxes. You can only place a mirror very near yourself, so you'll have to watch the nearest beams and sneak up to drop the mirrors in place. The orientation of the mirrors doesn't seem to matter, so don't bother to try rotating them before placing them.

V'lad Olkeen: Your basic tank and spank. Just keep him away from his void anchor.

A ticking tinkerer: Not quite a boss, but worth mentioning. They are in the next room along from V'lad Olkeen. There is a big group of them, and when they agro, they will fly at you, and die, casting an AoE that does alot of damage and knocks you back. You are near an edge, so be careful or you might get knocked off and die.

A Fully Functional Deathgazer: Just pull him and spank. Keep him facing away from group, don't think he has any Frontal, because he died so quick, but better safe than sorry.

Taranis Gazerra: Taranis has two tricks up his sleeve. He will gain a buff that reduces his damage taken by 8% and has a chance to fear and do AoE damage. Stand on the left side from zone in, by the pillar closest the edge. Pull him to the pillar and burn him till he gets four to five of these buffs on him (They look like a green shield icon). You then have to drag him to the next pillar, which will dispel this buff. The healer needs to be on the ball for the fear, but apart from that, and dragging him to the next pillar, he is tank and spank.

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ZAM would like to thank Oakmiser of EQ2 Flames for some of the information in this article.

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