The Stonebrunt Highlands  

Level85 - 90
ExpansionSentinel's Fate

The second of the two overland zones in Sentinel's Fate is the Stonebrunt Highlands. This zone will be ideal for adventurers from level 85-90. There will be much to explore in the Highlands and the quests will reveal long buried mysteries about the inhabitants.

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Getting There

From The City of Paineel: Take the teleporter to the Launch Pad. Fly to Toxxulia Forest. Now talk to the Erudite in the Black robe, a Temporal pathfinder, and select Stonebrunt Highlands.

Getting Around

The Temporal guides are here too, to get you to where you are going. There are also Temporal pathfinders for transport to Erudin zones and back to the Sundered Frontier.

POI Map of Stonebrunt Highlands
POI Map of Stonebrunt Highlands


Moonfield Hamlet is the starting area with a Mailbox ( 186,411,1246 ) , Banker ( 217,414,1259 ) , Broker ( 247,411,1182 ) and Mender ( 206,414,1266 ) , as well as Mark of Manaar (token) merchants ( 301,412,1202 ) .[1]

Faction Merchant

Ra'di, a Faction Merchant vendor in Caves of the Great Tiger Spirit inside, all the way in the back room.

Ra'di purchased Unlimited Shapechange Items.

Items that give an entirely new form Hua Mein Panda.
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