The Fallen Swords: Here, There Be Giants  


  • You must know the Words of Shade language to complete Step 1.
  • You must know the Orcish language to complete Step 5.

Speak with the Duality within The Temple of Brell in Thurgadin, City of the Coldain to begin this quest.

The Duality believes we must begin finding out more about the power of Theer and the Swords of Destiny. In order to do this, the Duality believes we must speak with the one most familiar with the power itself - Roehn Theer, the Godslayer. The Duality says that Theer was not destroyed in his last encounter, and may still walk within the plains of Odus. I will need to search within Odus for Roehn Theer.

  1. Speak with Roehn Theer in Odus.
  2. Return to the Duality in Thurgadin.
  3. Speak with Erus Dal'viv in the Eastern Wastes. ( -1231, -538, 3193 )
  4. Speak to Scout Fipitt near Nipik's Haven ( -1,146,51, -348.76, 2987.89 ) for information on the Ry'Gorr.
  5. Speak with Ullk Heartripper near the Ry'Gorr Keep.
  6. Return to Erus in Nipik's Haven
  7. Destroy Kromzek giants in the Eastern Wastes.
  8. Destroy Duhjalm in the Eastern Wastes.
  9. Speak with Glarn Furyheart in Kael Drakkel.
  10. Search within the keep for any information on the activities of the giants. This is a clickable page at -453. 148, 269. In the armory, up an elevator.
  11. Search within the throne room for any information about the activities of the Kromzek. This is a clickable book on a bookshelf at 153, 22, 1608
  12. Search within the temple for any information about the activities of the giants. Clickable book at -442,160,-2155 (Terrace of Feasting Vicors, up the elevator)
  13. Speak with the Duality in Thurgadin.
  14. Destroy the Idol of Rallos Zek in The Temple of Rallos Zek.
  15. Return to the Duality in Thurgadin.

I have defeated the Idol of Rallos Zek, and have been imbued with the power to enter the mighty fortress of Drunder. However, until Drunder has finished its materialization in this world, I cannot yet enter it. Once I can, however, I am faced with a seemingly impossible task: free the demigods of War, implore that they stand against their father, and find a way to kill the god of War himself, Rallos Zek.

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