Motes of Growth: the Stonebrunt Highlands  

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Level100 (Scales)
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A Mote of Growth
A Floret of Growth

Elwe has asked you to harvest some magiliths to assist with the druid ring reconstruction.

  1. Harvest 6 Motes of Growth from magiliths.
    • These look like gray stones with a swirl of leaves around them. There are three types of magilith:
      • a magilith - Single person harvest. Yields one mote per stone.
      • a massive magilith - At least a two person harvest. Yields two motes per stone.
      • a mega-magilith - At least a four person harvest. Motes per stone is still unknown. Mining this stone should yield bonus tokens.[1].
  2. Return to Elwe to complete the quest.

Windslasher said, "I know the mega-magiliths can be a hassle, requiring four people to harvest, but you should try it anyway. They drop bonus tokens!"

Known Locations

Though some of the locations below are low level friendly, lower levels should always be vigilant of their surroundings, as many of these places have wanderers that may stray close enough for aggro.

  • -251,191,-382 - Low Level Friendly! (just off the Deepwater Pavilion teleport pad, SW of druid ring--one mob does spawn very close to here)
  • -545,525,-82 - Low Level Friendly! (just off the Marred Plateau teleport pad)
  • -492,380,555 - Low Level Friendly! (just off the Quel'ule teleport pad, to the NW)
  • -561.78,466.58,339.66 - (outside the tunnel to Abandoned Kejek Village)
  • -402.69,502.54,174.78 - (Marred Plateau by the Cleft of Tranquility)
  • -379.95,519.60,-159.38 - (Just outside of the mines on the east side of Erudin Gardens)
  • -322.05,415.30,448.36 - (west side of big void battle on Steppes of Erud)
  • -322.05,415.30,448.36 - (east side of big void battle on Steppes of Erud)

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Druid Ring Reconstruction Event
This event launched on May 25, 2010 and concluded on October 12, 2010.


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