Researching Quel'ule: Synthetic Synthesis  

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Synthetic Kaborite Ward
altered mineral
amber lens
Compendium of Mineral Refining Techniques
Synthetic Kaborite Gem
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You must channel the mana into the altered mineral to create a synthetic kaborite ward. You are given a Compendium of Mineral Refining Techniques, the amber lens, and an altered mineral.

  1. Scribe the compendium
  2. Go back to the Work Bench ( -132.61, 366.44, 615.39 ) to create a synthetic kaborite.
    • NOTE: You will see several special new Crafting Events during this process, such as Lethal Meltdown, Lethal Flaws, and Critical Channeling Instability. Miss just one of them and you will be dead. Additionally, if you fail (and die), you will have to delete the quest and get it again in order to get another amber lens.
  3. Return to Researcher Tahar ( -199.03, 366.46, 590.55 ) .

The item you create is a Synthetic Kaborite Ward, which is a house item. Though it is auto-consumed during the quest, it does stay in your recipe book, and therefore can be crafted afterwards. There are two boxes by Researcher Tahar, one on the desk and one behind him, that will give you the required altered minerals and amber lenses.

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