Shadows of the Betrayed  

NOTE: You're going to need a kaborite cluster. You will also need to be on the daily task Emergency Portal Repairs to access the required zone from the Overlook. You'll need to have completed Chinook's Kerra Isle crafting series.

You will get a damaged relic in the mail about 14 earth days after you finish the preceding quest. (Note: The message does not seem to float to the top.) Examine a damaged relic with the note to get the quest.

If you used the clear mailbox command between finishing the last Quel'ule quest and when the mail should have been delivered, you DID delete the quest starter mail. However, once the 2 week timer expires, you can go talk to Tahar again, and he'll ask you if you received his mail. At that point you can say no, and he'll resend it (without the 2 week wait). So, when you're sure the 2 weeks has elapsed, go see what Tahar has to say.

  1. Examine the relic.
  2. Speak to Dror Ironstein -232, 214, -191 in West Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains.
  3. Examine the damaged relic again.
  4. Go to Moors of Ykesha and speak with Urdu ( -1078, -98, -214 ) , the balloon conductor at The Overlook.
  5. Fly to the Palace of the Ancient One.
  6. Speak to an injured raider and Tomkin Cogsbottom.
    • Read your dialogue options carefully and ask Tomkin "a quick question".
    • Do not accept the instance quest he offers or it will disrupt Shadows of the Betrayed. If this happens delete the instance quest and talk to him again.
  7. Speak to Natasha, the mystic on Kerra Isle in The Sundered Frontier at 1191, 42, 2244 . After a brief conversation you can choose the option to go into a trance and get teleported into A Spiritual Pocket. You must have first completed Outfitting the Kerra: A Strange Spirit or Natasha will not speak to you.
  8. Speak to Kaltuk Ironstein. You will be teleported back to Kerra Isle at the end of the conversation.
  9. Speak to Researcher Tahar in Quel'ule in The Stonebrunt Highlands. She gives you an introductory letter that will allow you temporary safe passage in Miragul's Planar Shard.
  10. Enter Miragul's Planar Shard (tradeskill) in Everfrost. The entrance is the same as the Miragul's Phylactery entrances at -164.27, 9.32, -379.72 .
  11. Speak to a vigilant sentry. A timer starts.
  12. You have 3 minutes to find Miragul's collected notes on crafting. It is from a book on the table at -106, 1, 25 . There are quite a few books on the table, but the one you are after is a slim brown book under another stack of books, such that you can only see one corner of it and must mouse over it pretty precisely to light it up.
    • The timer display disappears, but the timer does NOT stop. Be sure to leave before the mobs re-aggro.
  13. Scribe Miragul's collected notes on crafting and craft the Repaired Armoring Tongs. (Requires a kaborite cluster)
    • This recipe has killer events!
  14. Return to Researcher Tahar in Quel'ule in The Stonebrunt Highlands.

Note: If you'd like to place your reward in your house and wield it, you can obtain a second one from Shady Swashbuckler XVIII on the docks in Nektulos Forest.

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