A Source of Malediction  

Speak to Nabih Qusafi at Mausoleum of Scholars, The Stonebrunt Highlands.

  1. Take the Chronicon Temporum from Archivist Fahim in Library of Erudin.
  2. Speak to Nabih Qusafi at Mausoleum of Scholars in the The Stonebrunt Highlands.
  3. Find the clue by getting a pair of spectacles in the Hall of Necromancy in Paineel at 1663, -267, 3175 . Equip the spectacles and then read the note on another table in the same room at 1657, -267, 3195 .
  4. Speak to Arzachel at Ruins of Befallen in The Commonlands.
  5. Either
  6. Kill Dread Exarch Mordek in Befallen: Necrotic Asylum and examine the book you loot from the body. You must be in the zone while examining the book to get the update, and you must do the L90+ version of the zone to get the book to drop.
  7. Find Animist Brutus 1657, -267, 3218 in The City of Paineel
    • Talk to neophytes in the city until you get a response.
  8. Find Animist Brutus before he reaches the The Stonebrunt Highlands.
    • Brutus is found in the far northeast corner of Toxxulia's Reach, at -60, 126, 2783 Click here to go to EQ2Map
  9. Investigate the Sepulcher outside Windstalker Village in Antonica at -1747, -13, -714 . Enter the special instance and defeat the defenders. There will be grouped skeletons all around the room, and a pair of named bone Roper models guarding the chest. 4 groups of Heroic level 93 1 up in linked groups of 3. kills these 4 groups - spawns 2 L94 heroic double ups also linked. This final step is far easier if you have 1-2 people helping. very hard to solo this part.
  10. Open the chest to receive your reward.

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