Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella  

Level90 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


  • Level: 90

The Vestigial Cella is the third of the Vasty Deep dungeons. Here adventurers will see the culmination of this part of the overall story. The dungeon is designed for levels 90+ and is the most difficult in the series. In the Vasty Deep Temple, the Erudites once used the magic waters to experiment and to augment various ceremonies. From this tower, adventurers can collect quests and venture into the various dungeons.

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The entrance is located at -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 in The Stonebrunt Highlands; enter the Blue/Green teleport spiral.

To get there: There is no direct connection from the zone in.. Go to 61.66, 377.24, 1257.92 , select Quel'ule, then select the Marred Plateau, then select the Deepwater Pavilion. Go into the Pavilion and behind the entrance staircase to -160.02, 174.49, -379.55 and then walk through the Blue/Green teleport spiral.


Flying Lich

This guy just hits quite hard, but so long as you got a good tank and watch out for stuns, you are fine. Also, clear the wisps and flying wanders all nearby.


Be sure to clear the area, before you pull the name, because this guys hits like a brick and adds will only make it worst. There is a little cove type indent in the wall, with a bone pile. Have the tank stand on the bone pile, and make sure the healer can see you. When you are ready, pull the monster. Every so often he will emote, and red text will appear on the screen, and he will cast an AoE, with a chance of adds (or wanderers, I didn't see which they were). Apart from that, tank and spank.

Widow Spider

The next room is pretty fun if you are an AoE class. Five or so waves of spiders will spawn in the webbing room after you walk in. They are yellow, no arrows, so have the tank keep them off the mages and healer, keep an eye on your power and AoE your heart out. After the waves are dead, the spider queen will spawn who is a basic tank and spank.

Three Sisters

The next mob is a trio of snakes on a little temple. The biggest of them is a ^^^ the other two are ^^, but all of them give AA. Now, fighting them on their little island would be almost suicide, because in Cella, there is a curse that randomly ports you 15 meters in a random direction, off the edge into the water, and if that happens to a healer, you are done for. The best place to fight them is in the spider room, and then the easiest way I found is to have two tanks and have all DPS through the OT. Have the MT keep agro and burn down the triple up, once she is dead, have the OT pull and burn down the two other ^^'s. You might need shards or some power regen, this is a long fight. Note: I had to leave after the sisters, and finished the zone the next day when only the boss was left.

Five Sisters

This is a version of the previous room, only this time there's five sisters plus water snake adds. Kraitenae + her sisters: Hemotoxia, Tetroxae, Nuratoxia and Serpent Keeper are all ^^^ 93 *. They each have knockback which can be tough to work with so always have your back towards a wall and away from the water. It's ok if you fight in the water for this room, just be aware that you'll most likely gain an extra 6-10 watersnakes by doing so. The watersnakes are ^^92s and give off noxious that stacks. The best method I found was to concentrate on taking out the adds while the MT worked on the Sisters. Once all the adds were down, I concentrated on one sister at a time leaving Kraitenae for last as it appears that she'll throw up a stoneskin as well and will help to keep her sisters healed. Once you've burned all her sisters, Kraitenae was a basic tank and spank.

The Queen

Clear the zone before fighting the queen, especially the second spider room. The Queen starts rooted in place, have the tank pull her and slow burn her to about 93%, then turn off all DPS, the reason you need to wait is for the Dragon to fly in. The dragon will fly in and say something in draconic, before casting a buff on you. The buff increases all your party members health by 640%, and grants a number of extra effects, such as a chance to stun, root, stifle and a 3% chance to do 8.3% of a mobs health in damage every spell or melee hit. This buff is needed for the adds that spawn and the level of DPS they do, capable of one shotting the unbuffed.

When you get the queen to exactly 90%, 6 adds will spawn around the water and cast an AoE which will knock you back if not in the water. This adds are nasty that I am gonna give them their own little bit to explain all their little tricks. Now, when the adds are up, the queen gains a stone skin, and the adds must be burnt to damage her. Kill the adds, and now it is big burn time, because you have to burn her from 90% to 60% quickly and kill the adds before the buff runs out (it lasts 4 minutes). After the adds have been killed at 60% the dragon will recast the buff on you, giving you another four minutes. The dragon will also recast it every time you kill all the adds afterwards.

At 60% she moves to the top of the stairs and spawns the adds, which makes it alot easier on the mages, healers and ranged DPS to hurt her and heal the tank. At 30% she moves to the lip of the pool and spawns adds. The last time she spawns adds is at 10%, but after the adds die, she will retain her stone skin until a member of the group picks up a conch that spawns nearby and uses it. From there, burn her down to 0.

Well done on reclaiming the temple from the Wicked Queen and congratulations on any epic updates.

The Queens Elite Guard

The Queens Elite Guard are a bigger problem than she is. They can only be fought effectively with the dragons buff on, otherwise the damage they do will over whelm you. Upon spawning they cast an AoE that will send any one not in the water flying across the zone. They also taunt group members off their target, making them a pain.

The trick to them is in the mezzing. You will need an enchanter for this, and they will need to mez all the adds. Every one should then target the tank and burn them down. Any AoE's should not be used because it might break the mez, even passive ones like the monks Crane Twirl. They can use their taunts even while mezzed, so what I would suggest doing is making a macro with the command /target name and spam click it throughout the fight. Good luck with them, you will need it.

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