Library of Erudin  

Level85 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


Level 85 to 90 (Heroic)
Minimum18 hours
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days

With the October 2, 2014 patch this will be a level agnostic zone.

This is the easiest of the Erudin zones, and has a very unique flavor to it: The zone was built as a Clue-style murder mystery. In order to get the best possible rewards (and complete some quests), players must search the zone for clues and accuse and defeat the guilty Scholar Primarch.

When you enter the zone speak to Cataloger Jamillah who will give you the quest The Mystery of the Slain Scholar which will give you an extra reward at the end of the zone.

You must solve the mystery every time you run this zone, but you may only get the quest and it's reward once.

Each time through, the details of the murder are randomized.

The murder weapons are part of a collection.

EQII Players Zone Preview

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From Paineel take the Launchpad to Toxxulia Forest, then travel to the Stonebrunt Highlands. Once in Stonebrunt travel to the Marred Plateau. Click on the column at -554, 530, -137 to teleport to the Library of Erudin.

The quest hub for these heroic instances is located at the Deepwater Pavilion. Rafiqa offers the Mark of Manaar quests.


Archivist Fahim: He is a basic tank and spank who leashes outside his "circle" where the stairs form.

Shahrivar the Unquenchable: He has a massive power drain and can be fought in two ways. Either a tank and spank with good power regen, or pulling him to the room with the orb, half way up the stairs, and burning there.

Conservator Haidar: Clear all the mobs nearby him to start with. Stand by one of the portal, and when any one gets the uncurable curse, run into the portal or the person dies.

Zulfiqar the Indomitable: Two waves of mobs, then the named. Comes with two ^. Will eat his adds during the fight to heal and cast an AoE.

Primarchs: There are an option of 6 different Primarchs to fight, see the quest The Mystery of the Slain Scholar for how to find the real killer.
The guilty Primarch gives the best reward, but each Primarch gives AA, so you may want to do this zone a few times and accuse innocent Primarchs to get the AA.

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