Demitrik's Bastion  

Level85 - 90
TypeInstanced Indoor
ExpansionSentinel's Fate


Level 85 to 90 (Heroic)
Entry Zonewide
Minimum90 minutes
Cooldown30 minutes
Maximum3 days
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Entrance to Demitrik's Bastion is located in The Sundered Frontier in The City of Paineel,
When you are in The City of Paineel the co-ordinates are 1850.64, -371.68, 3450.42

For quests see: The Hole

Just inside the door, at the first bend, is a Roekillik, Pushu-ken, who will offer you a quest to kill Demitrik (His Dark Agenda).

This zone is divided into three sections. It was once a sprawling metropolis but has been torn apart. Travel between the sections is by teleporter.

Section One

The Wasted Narrows

Go down the climbing-wall chimney or jump. If you jump the floating non-aggro spirits will zap you with a charge that does very little damage but affects your rate of descent.

Throughout this section you will find 6 pots of poison surrounded by green mist. Click these to update Pickled Poisons.

There are ghostly spectre mobs scattered about that need to be slain before you try the TSO-style lich, Protector Ghondu (87^^^ Heroic non-aggro) in the middle. The two roekillik, Tiriini and Shirinu, cannot be harmed while Ghondu lives and once the lich is dead you have 20 seconds to kill a roekillik before they re-summon the lich. This means you must kill the Ghondu twice.

Beyond Ghondu and left the path crosses between two lower-level "courtyards" where you will face a shadowy knight on a winged horse. He has a terrific knockback so the place to fight him is in a connecting tunnel directly under the path.

Back towards the start, on the backside of the obelisk on the west, is a ladder leading to a teleporter on top which takes you to the next section.

Pittles' Perch

At the end of the path stands Shroombis the Coerced and Coercer Pittles. You have to kill Shroombis first, then interrupt Pittles and keep him stunned as much as possible while you burn him down or he will take your tank as his new pet. Take too long and he will re-summon Shroombis, resetting the encounter.

Defeating Pittles will open the portcullis at The Stanchion of the Keeper

Section Two

The Stanchion of the Keeper

Behind the portcullis or grate at the bottom of the ramp is Nayt the Grate Keeper (89^^^ Heroic). This mob is actually very easy to kill. Periodically he will wave his arms in the air and may summon one or more of the party to his feet. Shortly after this an enormous boulder appears at the top of the ramp and rolls down, instantly killing any player it hits. If there are no players in the way the boulder will hit Nayt for about 10% of his health. Therein lies the secret.

Immediately after engaging him run back up the ramp and onto one side where you can range down on him. He cannot move and will still summon the boulder, killing himself. If he summons a player you have just enough time to get out before the boulder comes. The boulder cannot get him below 2% so you will have to finish him honestly.

After his death the wall behind him is destructible, revealing a teleporter to the final section.

The Bonus Mark Chest is in Nayt's cubby but you will need to find and kill the Key holder. This little guy will be hiding somewhere in Section Two.

Section Three

Demitrik's Atelier

The last two poison pots you need to complete Pickled Poisons are on the platform.

This is a long and technical fight, but is not actually very hard once you get it down. Demitrik stands at the bottom of a half-bridge under a large clockwork. While he stands there any damage will heal him.

  • On the platform will be an old toolbox. harvest it to get a rusty wrench. This is the ONLY job of your fastest player (probably a scout).
  • From anywhere on the bridge, right-click the clockwork to "Throw Wrench", driving him off for 10-15 seconds. This enrages Demitrik who will attack you.
  • Using Direct Damage attacks ONLY, burn down Demitrik as fast as you can.
  • As the clockwork returns, Demitrik will teleport to him. If he has any DOTs on him he will heal back to 100%.
  • Throw another wrench, rinse, repeat.
As you can see, the key to this fight is to NOT use ANY Damage Over Time attacks,and to keep driving the clockwork away by throwing wrenches at him. It is advised that you examine your skills before the fight so you are 100% sure that the skills you will use do ONLY Direct Damage with no DOT component.

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