The Bear Necessities  

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Palmfruit Cider
regal spuncloth rug
Sumac Knotted Club
Faction Changes:

This daily mission can only be completed by Craftsmen.

  1. I have been asked to craft some items to replenish the supplies of the Hua Mein village.
    • Carpenter: Craft five regal spuncloth rugs.
    • Provisioner: Craft 10 palmfruit cider
    • Woodworker: Craft five sumac knotted clubs.
  2. Return to Yun Zi.

This quest is the Wednesday task for the Hua Mein Craftsmen's daily tradeskill missions, and can be repeated every Wednesday.

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OOC The title is a reference to a song title from Disney's "The Jungle Book".

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