Outfitting the Kerra: Sticks and Stones  

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sturdy reed
fallen feather
claw sheath
Faction Changes:

All of the updates for this quest can be gotten safely if you so desire. Just keep your eyes open when gathering the claw sheathes.

  1. Search for fallen feathers from the feathered vagabonds (5)
    • all around the area of 1158, 15, 2315 these are yellow glowing feathers on the ground amongst the feathered vagabonds (non-aggro)
  2. Gather discarded pouncer claw sheaths from around the darkpaw pouncers (5)
    • go to the area of 1093.41, 13.58, 2185.02 and look for green/yellow glowing claws on the ground amongst the darkpaw pouncers (careful - these aggro so stay as near to the hunters as you can for safety)
  3. Gather sturdy reeds from around the waterfall in the center of Kerra Isle (5)
    • Go up into Martah's Loft at 1260.61, 44.59, 2134.72 use the tunnels to reach the ponds - only some of the reeds can be collected and they have a shiny particle effect
  4. Return to Chinook for your reward.

fallen feather
fallen feather
discarded claw sheath
discarded claw sheath
sturdy reed
sturdy reed
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