The Commonlands  

Level8 - 25

West and East Commonlands, combined
The Commonlands is located to the west of Freeport. It is a large outdoor zone which features many varieties of wildlife. It is home to the outpost known as the Crossroads and host to numerous dungeons.

Public Quest

At the Siege Lands in The Commonlands around -1302, -78, -279 level 20 players can participate in a public quest. Higher level players can mentor down to be able to participate!



With GU56 the bells on the Commonlands Dock have been consolidated. There are Mariner's Bells for tranvel to Freeport Zones and the evil Tier 3 Guild hall; all other bells have been replaces with a World Bell with service to everywhere.

Griffon Stations

With The Shadow Odyssey, 3 new instances have been added to this zone. The closest griffon station is Hidden Canyon Griffon Station:

Thieves' Way

As of Age of Discovery, from The Commonlands, you can head to The Thieves' Way through a sewer grate located at -1,251.30, -83.82, 119.95 , just slightly south of The City of Freeport gates. Once inside the sewer the grates leading to East, North, South and West Freeport will be nearby.

The entrance to Befallen

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