Steamfont Mountains  

Level30 - 55
ExpansionEchoes of Faydwer

Steamfont Mountains was run by the Gnomes many years ago. You can still see the clockworks that the Gnomes created today. Gnomeland Security Headquarters is located here.

By The Great Gear and Torn Ear Springs, at the back of Smokehorn Basin, lies the cave system, the Steamfont Mines. In these mines is a hatchway that leads to the heroic instance, The Mines of Meldrath.

With GU55 there is new zone to Butcherblock Mountains from Steamfont at -536, 127, 677 .

GU56 Travel Changes

With GU 56 there is a network of Travel Discs to take you to various locations in Steamfont. Speak to a clockwork stable master to travel to:

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