Tinkerfest Cheer  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Title: the Deliverator
Gnomish Spirits!
Title: the Gnomish Spirited
Shiny Tinkerfest Cog

Command of the Gnomish language is required to start or complete this quest.

Tomker at -575, 171, 1000 in Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains instructs you to deliver beverages to the celebrating Gnomes around Norrath. Tinkerfest celebrations can be found wherever gnomes are found. See our Tinkerfest Portals section below. When you arrive at each location, click on the jug titled "Gnomish Spirits" and choose to refill it.

You'll need to fill three jugs. Do so and return to Tomker. There will be an Unstable Tinkered Portal nearby wherever you finish the quest!

Gnomish Spirits in Kelethin (click to enlarge)
Gnomish Spirits in Kelethin (click to enlarge)

Tinkerfest Portals

  • Freeport: At Inventor's Outlook in The City of Freeport (East Freeport) at -107, -24, 107
  • Gorowyn: On the platform by the lake under the city in Timorous Deep at 2578, 8, 1230
  • Kelethin: On the platform near Kelethin First Regional Bank in Greater Faydark at 298, 106, 153
  • Neriak: Next to the teleporter in Indigo Hollow at 42, 18, -33
  • New Halas: On the platforms between the city and Erollis Dock in Frostfang Sea at -425, 53, 31
  • Qeynos: At Inventor's Threshold in Qeynos Capitol District (North Qeynos) at 266, -16, 67
    • The jug for this quest is off to the side at 268, -16, 55

  • Solusek's Eye: Near the Solusek Mining Company at 33, 14, -41
  • The Bonemire: At the Drednever Crash Site
  • Moors of Ykesha: At the Dropship Landing Zone, near the crafting area and bank at 1780, 453, 837
  • Great Divide: On Thurgadin Harbor at 1284, -540, 424

Since this quest requires so many repetitions to receive the second title, here is what we suggest for an efficient route.


Every time you complete this quest, you receive:

Note: For the title rewards, any repetitions from previous years will count. If you have done 9 or more repetitions in the past and have not yet been awarded titles from this quest, you will receive "the Deliverator" title on your first go this year, bypassing "the Gnomish Spirited". This issue was addressed in a hotfix on July 28, 2010, as stated by Domino on the official forums.

The 5th time you complete this quest, you receive:

The 10th time you complete this quest, you receive:

Occurs annually in late summer.

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