A Crusade to Faydwer  

This is the second quest in the Swords of Destiny line. It opens once you have completed "Liberating the Cavaliers"

Command of the Koada'Dal language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest starts by talking to Sir Wolfgang Motte in Crows Resting Place: Thieves Guild. This is a special instance of Crow's Resting Place that opens if you have the Crow Coin reward from the first quest. Crow's Resting Place is found at the end of a corridor in The Down Below, click on a statue on the wall - -144,-0.08,-73.96 . Note: You must suspend any mercenary or the statue will not be clickable. All members of the party must meet the entrance requirements.

Inside, Sir Wolfgang Motte tells you to seek out Lady Althea Jyleel in Kelethin (Upstairs in Joleena's Restaurant - 530, 77.5, 322 Once you find her, she tasks you to collect several jars of "Rhym", which are a especially small race of Fae that live in clusters in various locations around Kelethin. The Rhymposts look like small saplings growing from the wooden floor with fireflies around them.

You will have 12 minutes to harvest the following in Kelethin:

  • Memorial Rhympost: 322, 99.8, 318.9 - On the edge of the Memorial Stump.
  • Aerie Rhympost: 435, 106, 508.8 - Underneath an overlapping part of the platform.
  • Fae Court rhympost 378.25, 140.74, 174.72 - Behind the Fae Court.
  • Library Rhympost behind the Library, 133.85, 108.75, 184.16
  • Bough Rhympost: At the end of a bough hanging off the platform near Old Kelethin 177, 125, 50
  • Lift Rhympost: 41, 93, 83 - Behind a building on the Old Lift platform.

Once you have harvested all six Rhymposts, return to Althea. She listens to the Rhym and tells you that something is amiss, their home is in trouble and you need to find the Gully of the Ursa Rhym to find out what the problem is.

Go back to the forest floor, and go to 617.46, 9.85, -235.92 for a location update. Overhead, there are 3 beehive like "houses" to examine, a chessboard and a gong on the grass. Examine each, and the proceed to Steamfont Mountains to find where Inspector Berlok lives. Travel to Gnomeland Security Headquarters, and you will find Berlok at -648, 174, 1080 .

Berlok was once a great investigator and wrote a great book on the subject. There is a problem though; he doesn't seem to remember much about either topic. So you have to lead him along. The following is the correct sequence of dialog you must choose to get him to help you out.

  1. "What did you do in your youth?"
  2. "I wish I could be a great investigator like you were in your youth"
  3. "When you were young you must have been a great writer"
  4. "I think reading helps you stay young"
  5. "When you were young, did you ever get lost?"
  6. "In your younger days you must have taught the Gnomeland Security all you know"
  7. "Were you this crazy when you were young or is this an old age thing?"
  8. "I am the General of Felwithe"
  9. "When you were young, you must have seen some splendid shields"
  10. "That accounts for two books, Where is the last?"

Any deviation from the above dialogue choices will force you to start over. Next, you are off to New Tunaria (Felwithe) for one of the more time consuming parts of the quest. There are 3 sub-quests in New Tunaria that must be completed to progress any farther. They are:

  • A Poem to the Past (Obtained by clicking on a shield on the wall at -310.15, 53.76, -856.6
  • The Gumshoe Guide (Collection)
  • A Water Tight Case (Examine the chest underwater at -191, -11, -922 )

Completing each of these sub-quests and obtaining the relevant book will update the main quest accordingly.

Once you have completed all three sub quests, you will have a book called "A Set of Books, Berlok's Investigative Guidelines" examine it to receive a scroll titled "The Ins-and-Outs of Investigation" which is a Ability recipe to scribe into your Abilities book. This allows you to use the Investigation skill.

Next, move to 622.49, 8.27, -229.66 in Greater Faydark and use your new Investigation skill on "Evidence in the Gully". You will receive a book "The Case of the Ursa Rhym" which is house furniture, and then must find the area that the chess piece hints of.

That place is in Butcherblock Mountains, in the general area of -507, 123, 422 or the "Broken Fields" You are looking for random pieces of Scorched armor, weapons and the like. They are tabbable and protrude from the scorched ground. You must collect several of each type (dagger, armor, etc) to advance the quest.

Next, find Chypp the rat (the second "P" is silent) nearby at -349.37, 110.05, 392.40 and talk to him. He tells of a great battle that took place there, and a great betrayal therein.

Next, you are off to the the Wailing Caves off the Commonlands. Once inside the Ree Stronghold, you must locate 6 pieces of "Dark Elf Evidence". These are glowing pages in and around the rooms near -46, -33, -89 . Once you investigate 6 pieces, you will need to investigate 3 pieces of "Expedition Evidence" which again are glowing pages in and around the rooms near -47, -26, -11 .

Next, you must kill the ring event of Lord Ree in the bottom of the Stronghold - a door at -281, -49, -60 . If it is up, the door will be unlocked. Once inside, the ring event triggers. Important: There is a book on a pedestal on your right as you enter, Kill Lord Ree, examine the book, and then kill an Ebon Mask shadow master and his 4 cronies that spawn after Ree, in that order, to avoid having to redo the ring event.

NOTE: If you or any of your party revives after Ree is dead then you or they can NOT return to Ree's stronghold, and you will have to wait for Ree to respawn, reprted to be between 8 and 26 hours.

After killing the event and getting updates, you must return to talk to Chypp in Butcherblock. More specifically, you need his eyeball necklace. Tell him that a dog lost his in a bear attack. Once he gives it to you, use the eye to read the notes you have. Once you get the update, return to Lady Althea in Kelethin to complete the quest and collect your reward.

As of 2/25/2010 if you have completed this quest you may purchase The Missing Pages of the Sword Heist Journal - Rebound, if needed, from the Sages in Freeport and Qeynos.

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