Steam-Powered Spies  

Grants AA
CategorySteamfont Mountains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 66s, 19c
Max Coin: 73s, 32c
Choice Of:
Mana Threaded Cloak
Gnomeland Security Cloak
Gnomish Regent Cloak

This quest is started by Waynil Garwater, who can be found at -562.14, 174.56, 919.77 in Gnomeland Security Headquarters. You must climb a cliff wall to get there. He asks you to find Gimble Tinkerton.

Gimble Tinkerton can be found at -1094.73, 144.54, 1100.44 .

Gimble Tinkerton asks you to find 3 Voltaic Batteries. These can be found on the menial clockworks just outside by the gears. The drops are random, but not rare. Kill any of the Clockworks to get a possible update.

Once you have the batteries, you are asked to charge them at one of the nearby windmills. The windmill at the bottom of the ramp is damaged and can not be used. The closest working one is at -1030.29, 145.26, 1093.55 or you can also charge them at -991.84, 121.65, 1025.99 . Click on the Lamp Charging Station inside to charge the batteries.

You now need to install the batteries in the Gnome Observatrons. These don't show up on tracking and are easily overlooked. They are in the same room as Gimble Tinkerton, at 1092.19, 144.54, 1104.06 . Simply click and install.

Now return to Waynil Garwater for your reward! He will now offer you the quest, "A Clockwork Snoop".

Biting Back At Those That Bark Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Gnomeland Security Headquarters
A Clockwork Snoop
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