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Clockwork Zapper
Experimental Notes on Clockwork Zapping
Far Seas Trading Company Token
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Speak to Karalyn Cinderton at -523,178,1060 in Steamfont Mountains to begin this quest.

Karalyn needs you to help her collect some battery acid.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Karalyn gives you titled Experimental Notes on Clockwork Zapping. (uses Geocraft skill)
  2. Make one Clockwork Zapper on the Work Bench at -518,175,1038 . To make this item, you need:
    • 1 velium cluster
    • 1 feyiron cluster
    • 1 rough opaline
    • 3 sparkling coal - purchase from Fizza Cogsworth, located at -522,175,1037 (next to the Work Bench)
  3. Use the zapper (right-click from inventory or charm slot) on a haywire clockwork spider.
    • These can be found on the path to Klak'anon, so the Steamfont Travel Disc is the safest way to that area.
    • The haywire spiders are often near the Travel Disc dropoff for Klak'Anon, and are aggro.
  4. Once the spider is stunned, right-click it to take its battery.
  5. Return to Karalyn


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