Gnopp's One Stop Shop  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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useful gizmo part
Gnip Gnopp's delivery guarantee

Gizmo Parts
Gizmo Parts
Rusty Rubble

Speak to Gnip Gnopp in Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains while working on the The Giftgiver's Dilemma to begin this quest. ( -552,173,1059 )

Gnip Gnopp, a fine constructor of gnomish toys and gizmos in Gnomeland Security, would be glad to provide Gardy with wonderful new mechanized gifts, but he is unable to meet the demand. His shop is closed up and is in a state of disarray. If I help him clean the place up and get things in working order then he would be able to help.

  1. Enter Gnip Gnopp's Gizmo Shop and help get it back into working order.
    • The shop is directly northwest of Gnip Gnopp, accessed by clicking on the hatch inside the large gear at -550,171,1048 .
  2. Break the boards down at the bottom of the ramp
  3. Remove 5 piles of rusty rubble
  4. Harvest 8 useful gizmo parts
  5. Defeat 9 mechanized toy makers wreaking havoc in the workshop
  6. Return to Gnip Gnopp in Gnomeland Security Headquarters and let him know that his workshop is back in working order.

The Giftgiver's Dilemma Frostfell
Quest Series
The Giftgiver's Dilemma
The Giftgiver's Dilemma
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2009.

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