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eternal nightshade
rusted water pump
sample of used grease
used power source
gnomish bolt
Min Coin: 31g, 73s, 78c
Max Coin: 34g, 80s, 87c
Soporific Dispensorator

This is the second step in the Tradeskill Epic, and is the same for all crafters. Danelak Hosefoak in Fens of Nathsar sends you to see Neeta in Rivervale.

  1. Speak with Neeta Cabbageleaf inside The Fools Gold in Rivervale. She is in a small room behind the first door on the left after you enter. When you get the chance, ask her about jumjum pie. She wants special jumjum from the Bixies, but getting in and out safely would be a big problem. To seek an answer to that problem, she sends you to...
  2. Speak with the Matron of the Nursery in Greater Faydark at -122, -44, -792 , who sends you to her contact...
  3. Maladominus Poxbringer in Gnomeland Security Headquarters, Steamfont Mountains, who naturally needs you to go gather...
  4. several items from scrap heaps in Steamfont and Loping Plains. This requires a 100 Gathering skill. The "scrap heaps" vary in appearance, but are all named "scrap heap" and, like normal nodes, you can harvest more than once from the same node.
    • Eternal Nightshade (15): Somborn Cemetery in the Loping Plains
    • a sample of used grease (10): in Steamfont, looks like an oil can on ground, found in the passage between Steamfont and Loping Plains.
    • rusted water pumps (2): in Steamfont, looks like a large, vertical, half-buried gear and shaft.
    • a used power source: in the passage from Steamfont to Loping Plains. Looks like a pile of electro-mechanical junk on ground.
    • a selection of gnomish bolts (20): in Steamfont, looks like a gear lying flat on the ground, scattered between Gnomeland Security and Loping Plains among the Grikbar camps.
  5. Return to Maladominus, who gives you a Soporific Dispensorator.
  6. Take the Soporific Dispensorator back to Neeta in Rivervale.

eternal nightshade
eternal nightshade
used grease
used grease
rusted water pump
rusted water pump
used power source
used power source
gnomish bolts
gnomish bolts
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Sarnak Supply Stocking Tradeskill Epic
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