Of Fire and Ice: Suitable Components  

This quest is part 7 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Wizard-only Epic Weapon, Dragon's Marrow.

  1. Hedwocket Cobbleblork at Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains tells you to find a non-enchanted bone wand.
  2. Go back to Hedwocket.
    • He assembles the wand and tests it, to near disastrous effect. It seems the two opposing elemental rings need some kind of a buffer between them.
  3. I need to acquire a Ring of Negative Energy from a necromancer or powerful undead.
    • The necromancer's name is Kotiz the Death Bringer. He's an 86^^^ heroic. He is the one in front of Venril Sathir's Lair zone in. He's only a 2-3 hour timer and his kill update is shared with at least three other classes. The ring is a corpse drop and if ANYONE touches the body but you, it will despawn!!!
    • Apparently Praetorian Captain Nagol at -15, -129, 463 (a Praetorian officer is the PH) in the previous room can drop this update, as well as Nihilist Yeegarn at 72, -131, 164 (a cabilis resident is the PH) and Nihilist Zeegarn 0, -136, 186 (a cabilis resident is the PH) in either of the two entry rooms to the Ruins of Sebilis (basement)
  4. Go back to Hedwocket and he will give you a recipe (Knowledge of Assembling the Dragon's Marrow) and a bag of unassembled wand components.
  5. Find a woodworker to craft your epic, commission-style, for your reward! You will need a mahogany lumber and 5 smoldering sandpaper.

Examine your new epic, then examine it further to start the quest for your Mythical.

Of Fire and Ice: With These Rings I Thee Wonder Wizard Epic Weapon
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