The Anguished Children of the Duke  

Bronlor Stormhammer asks you to help some of Brell's other children. It seems the Kobolds had their Serilian Totems stolen by minotaurs of the Bloodhorn clan! Without them, the Kobolds cannot conduct their sacred rituals in order to honor Brell.

Head to Steamfont Mountains and find the Bloodhorn Mines (Entrances located at: -1230, 95, 1085 , and -1300, 95, 1055 ). Gathering the totems will break invisibility and stealth.

  1. The first totem may be harvested at -1330, 75, 1280 . Be careful, a named spawns here (Ombra'nadinid, a 43^^^ rock monster).
  2. The second totem may be harvested at -1450, 80, 1150 .
  3. The third totem may be harvested at -1460, 95, 965 .

Once you have all the totems, return them to Bronlor Stormhammer. He will now ask you to return to Steamfont Mountains and speak with a gnome called Deviser Obin Prayerbolt He can be found within Gnomeland Security Headquarters at -635, 175, 1095 . Brell has heard Obin's prayers and is sending you to be the answer Obin needs.

You will be asked to enter Klak'Anon (the heroic part of this quest) and find the Bibliotecha 1000 Clockwork ( -230, -10, -60 ) that holds the gnomes' holy Manual of the Chief Engineer. It is below the Clockwork Commons. Once you have killed the mob, return to Obin Prayerbolt ( -635, 175, 1095 ) to claim your reward.

Prospector of Lost Faith Brell Serilis
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