Restored To Glory  

This quest is part 7 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Fury-only Epic Weapon, Wrath of Nature.

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

  1. Gimble Tinkerton in Steamfont Mountains at the Windmills ( -1094, 144, 1101 ) wants you to find a number of parts for him.
    • 15 Undamaged jade and iron golem parts.
    • 25 Drachnid legs.
    • 15 Unblemished sokokar wings.
    • 4 Mantrap roots.
      • Rare harvest from T8 roots and shrubs
      • Note: As of Game Update 56, this quest should no longer require you to harvest mantrap roots. You should be able to acquire them by any means and the quest will update. Please note: this will only take affect if you were not currently on that stage of the quest prior to GU56.
    • 5 smoldering materials
      • Harvest this semi-rare material from any T8 harvest node in Kunark or can purchase from broker
      • Note: As of 12/24 players report they were able to use smoldering material from their bank instead of being required to harvest it for the quest.
  2. Collect the following parts in Sebilis:
    • 3 pieces of clay (From clay golems: there are some on way to lab but other golems in zone will also update)
    • 5 blacksmithing materials (in the room with the blacksmith also near the lab, clicky updates look like pots of smelted metal on ground)
    • 5 alchemical materials (in the lab, you need to get into secret room, head into library area under stairs, go to table furthest back click candle on table to open bookcase secret wall look around in there for bottles that are clicky updates. candle on top of bookcase next to door reopens wall).
  3. Return to Gimble Tinkerton
  4. Go to Chelsith and gather goo from the leviathan's excretions.
  5. Return to Gimble Tinkerton
  6. Return to Thelia in Darklight Wood ( 445, -8, -267 ) to complete and receive the Fabled Wrath of Nature.

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