Salt Of The Earth  

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Pure Salt Crystal
Far Seas Trading Company Token
Pure Salt Crystals
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NOTE: Since GU68 this quest no longer requires a minimum mining skill.

Speak to Karalyn Cinderton at -523, 178, 1060 in Steamfont Mountains to begin this quest.

Karalyn needs you to help her collect some salt from nearby hotspring geysers.

  1. Mine 3 pure salt crystals from the hotspring geysers. There are at least 3 salt crystal objects at any of the following locations (they have a 5-6 minute respawn in a random place):
    • Anchorite Geyser: -843, 130, 571 (stick to the path and dodge the occasional aggro on the way here)
    • Beryl Shrimp Geyser: -344, 93, 1346 (take the travel disc to Klak'anon, stick to the path and be careful of aggros when approaching)
    • Goldsteam Geyser: -1026, 96, 832 (level 40-41 aggressive mobs here)
    • Torn Ear Springs: -1276, 95, 866 (level 42-43 aggressive mobs here)
    • Grikbar Crater: -157, 38, 1165 (level 38 aggressive mobs here)
  2. Return to Karalyn


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