Friendly Competition  

Command of the Gnomish language is required to start or complete this quest.

Didyma instructs you to speak with Jon Jeffas at the Battleclock Ring ( -565,172,1048 ) . Jon will ask you to collect several components from around Steamfont Mountains. This is challenging but not impossible for lower toons if your dodge-a-mob skills are good! The clockwork stable masters will also make your trip through Steamfont very quick.

In 2011 this quest was changed to be repeatable once per year.

  1. Gather some springs from around the valley that leads to Greater Faydark. These are rusty springs. The entrance to the GFay corridor is at -524, 127, 648 . Quickest way there is to tale the zone travel disc (speak to the clockwork stable master) and travel to the Butcherblock and Greater Faydark Station.
  2. Gather a sharp whirliblade from near the entrance to Klak'Anon. Take the travel disc to the Klak'Anon station. From the Klak'Anon travel disc head west and look for a discarded whirliblade. Known locations:
    • Near to the steps to Klak'Anon around -231, 84, 1404
    • Near the large rocks close to Klak'Anon at -305, 91, 1416
  3. Gather some armored plates from the destroyed clockworks around the Mazkeen Crater. Take the travel disc back to Gnomeland Security and head north-northeast to the crater. You are looking for dilapidated armored plates. They are found outside the crater. Known locations:
    • -805, 132, 777
    • -755, 132, 774
    • -820, 132, 766
    • -835, 130, 753
  4. Gather some used gnomish grease from around Gnomeland Security. You need a gnomish grease can. These can be found in almost every building inside Gnomeland Security Headquarters:
    • In Finbert's shop on a bench at -583, 175, 966
    • In Fizza's shop on a gem-shaped pedestal at -522, 175, 1038
    • In the Gnomeland Research and Development building on a table at -533, 176, 996
    • In Garwater Regency at -561, 175, 922 (there's two here)
    • In Explosive Discoveries on a table at -522, 179, 1062
    • In Voombin Bros. Salvage on a table at -600, 176, 1085
    • In The Ak'anon Inn near the door at -636, 175, 1048
  5. Return to Jon Jeffas. He'll give you some Battleclock Blueprints 1.1 and have you assemble a battlebot. This recipe requires Artisan level 2 and is trivial at a Tinkering skill of 5. In addition to the supplies you collected, you'll need 5 sparkling coal per attempt (Fizza Cogsworth sells it, right next to the Work Bench at -520, 175, 1037 ). You can't fail this, even if you are not a Tinkerer.
  6. Go back to the battleclock ring and see how your creation does! You must be in the ring - right click Quixilver and select "use". After the fight, talk to Jon again to complete the quest.

Battleclock Ring


Choose from one of the following:

You can also turn your battleclock whirliblade weapon into a house item! Simply examine it and choose to mount it, changing it into a Mounted Battleclock Whirliblade, which gives 100 status reduction. You can also convert it to the next higher tier of weapon this way when your adventuring level reaches the correct point (20, 30, etc).

Occurs annually in late summer.

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