Restoring the Underfoot Cathedral  

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Cloak of the Underfoot
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This is the fifth and last quest in the Brell Serilis Deity quest line.

Bronlor Stormhammer instructs you that Brell wishes you to help lay the spirits of his followers to rest. You are given a soul harvesting crystal (Serilian Spirit Gem) and have to go find four different spirits throughout Faydwer at Night (starting at 8pm Norrath time). Spirits are all named "A Tormented Serilian Spirit" and are all 70^^^ Heroics. They are also particularly tough and can found in the following zones:

  • Kaladim: Underfoot Cathedral - This is near the avatar ring event and only spawns at night if the Avatar is not up. Otherwise, it's apperance can be very random.
  • Steamfont Mountains: Outside the entrance to Klak'Anon.
  • Loping Plains: Very end of the canyon full of skeletal gnolls and ghost redbeards in Arkelek's Gash ( -372, 6, 488 ).
  • Mistmoore Catacombs: Ground Floor in the water straight back from the zone in near the climbable wall.

In order to collect the spirits, you must damage them down to roughly 3% health. At that point, slow your DPS as much as possible. If your tank has anything that proc's damage, get them to turn it off or take it off (in the case of armour) prior to the fight. At 0% exactly, the spirit will fall on its side, at which you have 5 or 6 seconds to use your collection gem to harvest the spirit. The gem can only be used every 20 seconds, and if you mis-time using it, the mob will either die and you have to wait for a respawn, or it will get back up on full health.

Now, you must take the spirits to the Underfoot Cathedral, and lay the spirits to rest in their tombs. You may receive a message stating that the Corrupt Avatar is preventing the spirits from being laid to rest. This means the Avatar Ring event is up (can only be started if the goblins are surrounding the avatar). If so, clear the event. Once it's dead, or if it wasn't present to begin with, you can lay the spirits to rest in the farthest room back in the cathedral (three on the right, one on the left behind the altar under a pile of stone bricks). Lay the spirits to rest one at a time, because shortly after you lay the first spirit to rest, you will be aggro'd by 3 level 71 ^^ heroic mobs that pop from your actions. Clear them, lay the second, rinse and repeat.

Once all of this is done, return to Bronlor for your cloak and to finish this quest line. Now you can go and rejoice in the fact this hellish deity line is done.

Testaments of Stone Brell Serilis
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