Tap Into the Power  

CategorySteamfont Mountains
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Required Mobs:
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An Ethereal Shard
Eegar's Metaphysic Propulsor
Min Coin: 2g, 69s, 57c
Max Coin: 2g, 99s, 97c

Kill 5 shambling shapers (roams in the dragonscale hills. There's some around -1045.73, 64.72, 1477.84 . These mobs apparently used to be heroic, but are now single-up, solo mobs.

Be sure to clear the hill before the next step.

Use the fleshy strands found in your inventory on the dragon skeleton at -909.21, 99.95, 1363.79 . Target the drake spirit and use Eegar's Metaphysical Propulsor to gather the etheral shard.

If the drake spirit despawns before you use Eegar's Metaphysical Propulsor on it, you will be able to retrieve more fleshy strands by defeating another shrambling shaper and will be able to spawn the drake spirit again.

Return to Eegar Friggderp for your reward.

The Spiritual Side of Engineering Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Securing Future Livelihood
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