Fulgation's Tracks  

CategorySteamfont Mountains
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Negative-Charged NF-Specs
Min Coin: 1g, 26s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 40s, 97c

We are continuing our search for Remmy Fulgation.

The first step takes us to Raven Eye Spire at -980,166,597 , where we have to search for clues while wearing the Negative-charged NF-specs. These basically grant you infravision. Climb up Raven Eye Spire to the campground. While wearing the Negative-Charged NF-specs, one of the skulls around the campfire will show up as red ( -979.16, 166.38, 597.05 ) .

Inspect the skull to find out the location of the S.P.C. Unfortunately it appears that some kobold has taken the S.P.C. to wear around their neck. Kill kobolds until you receive the S.P.C. (we received it on my first kill of a Mazkeen Spider tamer at -1008.35, 134.65, 613.68 ).

Return to Watchman Plarg for your reward.

Note: The NF-specs are Lore, No-Trade, No-Value, and NO-ZONE. If you ZONE or CAMP before you use them talk to Plarg. He'll give you another pair, but will chew you out for losing them in the first place!

Finding Fulgation Steamfont Mountains
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Fulgation's Folly
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