Building A Better Dummy, Part 1  

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Sturdy Target Dummy
Dummies For Dummies
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Speak to Karalyn Cinderton at -523, 178, 1060 in Steamfont Mountains to begin this quest.

Karalyn doesn't have any more tasks for you, but believes that her friend Adam could use your assistance.

  1. Speak to Adam Cogbuster in Gnomeland Security Headquarters at -652, 175, 1075
  2. Return to Karalyn and browse her merchant inventory for the recipe Dummies for Dummies, which costs 76s, 80c 
  3. Scribe the recipe scroll. You will need to use the Woodworking Table at -586, 175, 964 . Finbert's Salesbot at -582, 175, 965 sells the fuel components.
  4. Make a Sturdy Target Dummy. You will need:
  5. Take the target dummy to Jamie Sprocketbreaker at -648, 175, 1078


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OOC Adam and Jamie may look familiar to fans of the popular Discovery Channel television show, MythBusters. The npcs have some similarities to their real life personas, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and the testing of crazy contraptions on dummies is a frequent part of the show.

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