Kylong Plains  

Level67 - 75
ExpansionRise of Kunark

This expanded zone covers the following EverQuest zones:
  • The Burning Woods - now called The Stone Wood, this includes the Ryjesium Peaks.
  • The Dreadlands - Still called the Dreadlands (this is the center map).
  • Firiona Vie - part of the center and east maps, but the only POI is Firiona's Vista, which is on the center map in the north-eastern area with the Wyverns.

Escape Point: 763, 2, 307 near Dreg's Landing.

Beware of Dominus Atrebe, an 83^^^ Epic(x4) Sarnak found south of Sulassk Post!

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GU56 Sokokar Changes

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
With GU56 most sokokar posts interconnect, and you no longer have to discover them to use them.

Solo Named Mobs

While you are adventuring in this zone, be sure to be on the lookout for the following extra opportunities for XP and status!


Waning Thicket

Ryjesium Peaks

This zone now has a bell to take players back to Timorous Deep. This bell is located on the right-hand dock, more specifically the dock which the Antonica boat arrives from.

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