High Seas Adventure  

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well-worn log book
Charm's Way

This quest is part 7 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Swashbuckler-only Epic Weapon, Charm's Way.

  1. Examine the map.
  2. The map sends you to spot on top of the pillars near Charasis: The Emperor's Athenaeum entrance in Jarsath Wastes, 802, -33, 159 . You will need to skirt the gorge around to the right. It's easiest to jump from about 828, -35, 169 . On that small pillar, you will see a mound of dirt that is clickable, click "dig" to get update and memoirs.
  3. Read the memoirs.
  4. Go to Qeynos Harbor and talk to the salty sailor named Velnia by the shipbuilding area at 911, -25, 93 .
  5. Next go to Thundering Steppes docks and talk to Rellinn near the island of Mara bell at -560, -15, -498 .
  6. Last go to Dreg's Landing in Kylong Plains and talk to Samraln near the Commonlands side of the docks at 983, 2, 330 .
  7. Find the ship to catch the animus. Go visit Screewoggin on the Enchanted Lands docks.
  8. Talk to Screewoggin and zone in to the instance and fight Jones.
    • Once you get in the zone hail Screewoggin to start the ship to move up along the right side of your ship. You'll have time to buff up.
    • Put your Tank in the middle of Ship to start and pull him to left forward corner. Have your group in the right forward corner near steps'''. His first attack is a Knock Back. When he gets down to 75% his crew joins the fight.
  9. Speak to Screewoggin.

In a Pirate's Wake Swashbuckler Epic Weapon
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The Voice of the Sea
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