Fangs Away!  

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fang tipped arrows
101 Things To Do With Fangs, volume 1
drolvarg fang
Min Coin: 14g, 81s, 38c
Max Coin: 15g, 90s, 43c
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Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

This is the alternate sokokar quest for crafters. You must be at least a level 65 crafter.

Assistant Jones is fed up with all the bags full of drolvarg fangs the bounty hunters are constantly bringing to Borbin. She'd like me to get rid of them somehow.

Scribe the book that appears in your inventory, 101 Things To Do With Fangs, volume 1. You'll get a fang tipped arrow recipe. Make 1000 arrows out of the drolvarg fangs she gave you! You'll need the forge, which is conveniently located on the docks by the Mender.

Recipe Info

fang tipped arrows
Fixing drolvarg fangs into a ferrite shaft to create powerful fang-tipped arrows.

Level 70
Class Artisan
Technique Geomancy
Device Forge


  • drolvarg fang (10 are gives by an NPC to do 10 combines)
  • 2 Ferrite Cluster (need 20 for 10 combines)
  • 2 Redwood Lumber (need 20 for 10 combines)
  • 5 smoldering coal (need 50 for 10 combines, 83g33s to buy 50)


25-100 (on highest quality you get 100 arrows (so 10 combines to get 1000, req. for quest)

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