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Min Coin: 7g, 37s, 19c
Max Coin: 8g, 40s, 22c
Faction Changes:

Emergency Provisions cache
Emergency Provisions cache
Note: Must be a level 70 Artisan to obtain this quest.

I met Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp and he informed me of job opportunities he can connect me with if I can complete a task for him.

You are given 4 Emergency Items

  • emergency exit scroll (looks like a Scroll)
    • Chanting the magical words will return the user to Teren's Grasp.
  • emergency rations (looks like an Acorn)
    • Magically enhanced and able to endure long periods of time in storage.
  • emergency potion (looks like a Bottle)
    • Unique potion that is able to remove any detriments and fully heal the user.
  • emergency camp stone (Looks like a red Soul item)
    • Placing the stone in the ground will trigger the magical enchantment of creating a campfire.

Travel to the Fens of Nathsar, and refill the four provisions caches. NOTE - you must go via the quest update point, which is in Kylong Plains where the zone in to Fens Of Nathsar is. It is recommended that players take the Sokokar flying mount from Teren's Grasp to the Fens Of Nathsar Post, then running through the update point and on through the zoneline into Fens.

  1. The first one (the Acorn):
    • Travel to the first provisions cache and refill using the emergency rations.
    • Greeblentus' directions say it's northwest along the mountain pass that leads to Bathezid's Watch. It's at 793, 39, 1044 . Follow the left path up the hill. You can invis past most of them and the ones that can see through just hug the wall and you can get past. Click on a crate on the right side of the path (794, 39, 1042)
  2. The second one (the Bottle):
    • Travel to the second provisions cache and refill using the emergency potion.
    • Greeblentus' directions say it's east of Sathir's Span if you travel along the south bank of the ravine in the Swamp of No Hope. Cross the Sathir Span using the main path from the entrance. Some of them do see through invis. Do not go over the bridge. It will be along the south bank of the Swamp of No Hope -800,-128,1168 . Almost everything sees through invis from the path to the crate but they are far enough apart it makes it easy to swerve between them.
  3. The third one (the Scroll):
    • Travel to the third provisions cache and refill using the emergency exit scroll.
    • Greeblentus' directions say it's further south along the ravine a few steps before reaching the second bridge by a huge boulder. I don't know why it says south since it's not much more south. It is farther east along the same side of the Swamp of No Hope. The Krups seem non agro which is nice for a change. follow the wall and you'll get to the third one -1936,-02,1382 .
  4. The fourth one (the red Soul)
    • Travel to the fourth provisions cache and refill using the emergency camp stones.
    • Greeblentus' directions say to cross the bridge and head northwest just befor you reach The Crystal Grove behind two huge boulders. Go over the bridge past the eastern pen Sokokar post and more or less follow the other side of the Swamp of No Hope west. After a bit go NW. On the other side of a large open area (you'll see some young wild sokokar thats just jumping around that are non agro) there are the 2 rocks and the last crate is behind it -974,-97,301 .

Return to Taskmaster Greeblentus and inform him you have refilled all the provision caches.

Completing this quest will allow crafters that are at least tradeskill level 80 to begin the Tradeskill Epic Quest Series in Fens of Nathsar. Speak to Danelak Hosefoak who will offer you a quest dependent on your tradeskill:

Artisan's Journey
Quest Series
High Risks, Higher Profits - Part 1
Sarnak Supply Stocking
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