Defender of the Faith  

Started ByDefaced Leaflet
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Required Mobs:
Crumbling Sathirian Scroll
Rock Disassembler

This quest is part 1 of 2 for the Fabled version of the Inquisitor-only Epic Weapon, Penitent's Absolution.


  • You must be level 80
  • Command of the Goblish language is required to start or complete this quest.


Examine a Defaced Leaflet, which is Dropped from chest from any Yha-le (random drop) inside Chelsith and off of Yha-lei along the coast in Jarsath Wastes.


  1. Head to Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains and speak with Isa Fernandi ( 2015, 487, -694 ) in the Hall of Conviction.
  2. Speak with JP Poggleboddy ( 1766, 483, -1020 ) inside Stealth and Skullduggery in Teren's Grasp, Kylong Plains.
  3. Head out to Jarsath Wastes and speak to the Yha-Lei fishman named Yothe K'lohgk ( 630, -48, 1275 ) (out on the rock near Chelsith and same NPC as Leviacide quest line).
    • He will send you to recover 5 rotten fish barrels to feed the Leviathan. They are small harvestable buckets located right where the river meets the ocean and do respawn.
  4. Head to Chelsith and speak with Uguaz Tysk ( -9, 5, 398 ) at the beginning of the zone. You need to speak Goblish.
  5. You must destroy 4 idols. These idols are found at the Upper Tier Named random spawn areas (statues of Frogs etc...). Simply stand behind the altars and activate the rock crusher. You must have the Rock Disassembler equipped in order to use it.
WARNING: Do not kill Mucus of the Deep One while destroying the idols.
    • Idol of Leviathan - -344, 35, -280 , guarded by Bbal'Gaz The Enthraller.
    • Idol of Dominion - -130, 38, 351 , guarded by Krel'Vhap The Defeater.
    • Idol of Sustenance - 394, 48, -215 , guarded by Gok'Chai The Substantiator.
    • Idol of Exaltation - -2, 35, -403 , guarded by Kuom'Ziki The Prevailer.
  1. Place the five barrels of rotten fish around the Feeding Chamber (the first ring pool to the left when entering Chelsith).
  2. Then proceed up to the next round area to the north and kill Mucus of the Deep One he is the big round blob in the center.
  3. Return to Isa Fernandi ( 2015, 487, -694 ) to complete this part of the quest .

The Crumbling Sathirian Scroll offers quest The Saga of Yasva V'Alear.

Inquisitor Epic Weapon
Quest Series
The Saga of Yasva V'Alear
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