Termite Troubles, Part I  

Level100 (Scales)
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Varick Stoutheart is concerned about the exportation of local pests. First, he'd like you to check with other woodworking experts from other areas of Norrath to see if they have experience dealing with termites.

  1. I need to speak with a woodworker in Teren's Grasp in Kylong Plains - speak with Wyneta Splinterfeet at 2242, 487, -696 , standing next to the woodworking tables in the Hall of the Crafters.
  2. I need to speak with a forester in the region of Zek - speak with James Reed, a forester standing behind a stump just outside the barricades of the fort at Warship Dock in Zek, at 467, -36, 172 .
  3. I need to speak with a woodworker in Kelethin - speak with Neela Filamaar in the Silver Leaf Inn at 461, 97, 350 in Greater Faydark
  4. I should tell Varick Stoutheart what I have learned

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