A New Pet  

CategoryKylong Plains
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a baby ravenous leech
Min Coin: 6g, 88s, 19c
Max Coin: 7g, 97s, 22c
Faction Changes:

Hraen Vutha wants you to travel to the Seeping Ruins, north of Kunzar's Edge, mortally wound a ravenous leech, and use the Thermascope on it. This should bring forth baby leeches. Gather a single baby leech and take it back to Hraen.

The Thermascope has a 2 minute cooldown so get it right the first time! Hit the mob, no DOTs, smack it until the scope's button lights up (30% or less), then click it! The 'scope will kill the worm, leaving several baby worms under the corpse. They fade fast and are small. You only have to pick up one of them.

An Important Delivery Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Kunzar's Edge
Faction: Residents of Teren's Grasp
The Meeting
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